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Point Based Medals

Medal Of Pointiness
You have earned a minimum of 2000 points on EducatedEarth. grim, kimmy, KMD, pdPete, Skywalker, Spock, Techno, Tibor, twist, WhatIsGod
Athena Award
In Greek mythology Athena was the goddess of Wisdom. In this role she actively shared her knowledge with the world around her. Members who contribute enough content to earn 5000 points have distinguished themselves as contributors to global education. Skywalker, Tibor, WhatIsGod

Behavior Based Medals

Mysterious Lurker Award
This elusive award is given out to the valued members of our community who often read but rarely post on our forum. ;) hbutcher, Ken1939, Jimmie48

Donor Awards

Site Donor
This award is given out to anyone who makes a financial contribution to Educated Earth. twist
Bronze Donor
The Bronze Donor award is given out to anyone who donates a minium of $25 to EducatedEarth. Medal Not Issued
Silver Donor
Members who donate at least $50 will be given (amongst other perks) the Silver Donor award. Medal Not Issued
Gold Donor
The Gold Donor Award (amongst other perks) will go out to any person who makes a donation of $100 or greater. Medal Not Issued
Platinum Donor
Members who contribute a minimum of $150 to Educated Earth will receive (amongst other perks) this Platinum Donor award! Medal Not Issued