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Videos / War

Spherical Spy Drone
The Japanese Self Defense Force has developed and constructed a spherical spy drone. We are seeking additional information on this technology.

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Declassified Spy Plane (U-2) Footage
The U-2 was a top secret aircraft that was built to reach higher altitudes than any prior aircraft. Even today, more than 50 years later, the only manned, declassified, vehicle that surpasses the height of the U-2 is the shuttle.

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IAI Panther - Tilt-Rotor UAV
Designed by Israel Aerospace industries, the Panther is an unmanned recon drone designed with vertical takeoff and landing capability. It can switch between being a plane and a helicopter.

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Slow Motion Tank Shot
This stunning video of a Russian T-90 tank firing a 125mm shell was captured on a high-speed Photron camera. Witness the power of this fighting machine at 18,000 frames per second.

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Military Robots and the Future of War
In this eye opening TED talk, P.W. Singer explains how the growing use of robots in the waging of war is rapidly changing the realities of modern combat. Some of the latest creations seem like they are torn from the pages of sci-fi!

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Every Atomic Explosion In History
In 2003 Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto released a beautiful yet terrifying time-lapse video of the 2053 nuclear explosions that have taken place between the Manhattan Project and Pakistan's final test in 1998.

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