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Videos / War

Space Nuclear Weapon Testing
On July 9th 1962, a Thor missile carried the test instrumentation and the W-49 warhead/Mk-4 RV payload to an altitude of 400 kilometers before it detonated. Watch as the blast temporarily turns night into day.

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Arctic Warfare - Magnum Sniper
The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is a sniper rifle manufactured by Accuracy International, a UK based corporation. The varying models have a range of 1-1.5 kilometers.

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600mph Ejection Seat Test
BAE Systems was responsible for the production of the escape system for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft. The F-35 escape system is used in emergency situations, ensuring pilots can eject safely even at extreme speeds and altitudes.

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Futuristic Air Defense System
Under development, MEADS is a mobile air defense system designed to replace Patriot systems in the United States and Germany and the Nike Hercules system in Italy.

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1000 Years of War in 5 Minutes
This animation shows all important battles that took place over the last ten centuries. The sizes of the explosions and labels are proportional to the number of casualties.

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K-MAX - Unmanned Helicopter
In January, 2010, the Unmanned K-MAX helicopter demonstrated autonomous and remote control flight over both line-of-sight and satellite-based data link.

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