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Videos / War

First Flight of X-47B
The X-47B is a multi-mission, unmanned combat air vehicle. Strike fighter-sized, it is a long range, high endurance and persistent platform capable of a variety of missions including Intelligence, Surveillance and Tactical Strikes.

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Extending Military Robot
The situational awareness mast (or Zippermast) is a telescoping vertical arm that can raise a robot's sensor suite for better visibility. In this video, a Zippermast is affixed to an I-Robot Packbot.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
Autonomous Quadrotor UAV
The GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania has designed an autonomous quadrotor helicopter (UAV). This could end up being an invaluable tool for the Military or Police forces as it can perch, flip and even fly through windows.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
'Hummingbird' Spy Drone Takes Flight
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has funded a project to build robotic spy drones disguised as birds. The version featured in this film is a self propelled robotic hummingbird.

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World's Largest Submarine
The Russian Typhoon Submarine (The Project 941 or Akula) is the largest submarine ever built. This footage showcases the massive vessel in dry dock and on sea trials.

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F-35 - Joint Strike Fighter
The F-35 JSF is one of the world's most advanced aircraft and the top stealth fighter in the United States arsenal. In this clip from Future Weapons you will see just how far our technology has come.

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