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Videos / Life On Earth

How Ants Mimic Liquids
This New Scientist video demonstrates how ants mimic the properties of liquids in order to stay afloat.

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M113: NASA's Rescue Vehicle
Unlike most firefighting and rescue crews, the needs of NASA are a little more... extreme.

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Extracting Venom From A Spitting Cobra
This video, filmed by trained professionals, showcases the extraction of venom from Indo-chinese spitting cobras (Naja siamensis).

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Massive Bat Colony Found Inside Attic
In what could possibly be Batman's summer home, roofers peel back a roof shingle to find countless bats hiding inside of the ceiling.

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SOPA's Cousin: Meet ACTA, Your New Problem
Even with the massive outcry against SOPA, U.S. legislators are STILL trying to control the internet. Meet ACTA (anti-counterfeiting trade agreement), the next threat to internet sovereignty.

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SOPA & PIPA: What You Need To Know
Done by the fine folks at, this short video explains why SOPA and PIPA are so dangerous to the internet, and why you should be speaking out if you don't already know.

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